How This Viral Video Helped Me Teach My Toddlers To Read In 1 Month!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Like most parents, we (my husband and I) were feeling at a loss having faced to homeschool our children (2 and 4) during the pandemic. I am a working mom and the thought of being responsible for my children's education seemed honestly overwhelming. Needless to say, I grew an immense appreciation for teachers during this time.

I wanted to make sure that our children weren't falling behind due to our inadequacies. My daughter (4) also struggles with speech delay so there was that added burden to keep up. So we decided to be more diligent about reading to them as much as we could throughout the day (it was the least we could do). We would also go through the alphabet with them and animals or fruits associated with each letter.

I saw that the more we read to them, they started reading the books on their own through pure memorization. I thought, if they can understand the concept of reading, maybe they can actually learn to read?

So I began researching resources that could help me on my grandiose attempt. Then I came across this Viral Video that helped thousands of moms teach their children to read.

As I looked into the contents of this video, it soon became apparent that I was teaching my children the WRONG WAY to read. I was thankful that I was early on in my journey that I could quickly change my trajectory.

Through this program, I've learned that teaching phonemic awareness to our children, is the best method. Phonemic Awareness is defined as the ability to identify, hear, and work with the smallest units of sound known as phonemes. It is NOT the same as phonological awareness, instead, it is a sub-category of phonological awareness. For example, phonemic awareness is narrow, and deals only with phonemes and manipulating the individual sounds of words - such as /c/, /a/, and /t/ are the individual sounds that make up to form the word "cat". Phonological awareness on the other hand, includes the phonemic awareness ability, and it also includes the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate larger units of sound such as rimes and onsets.

Teaching my kids Phonemic awareness has played acritical role in helping my children learn to read and spell.

ALL children can learn to read early and this method works for children as young as 2 years old!

Watch This Viral Video of a 2 year old (2yr11months) that has helped me and thousands of other mothers to teach their children to read below.

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