Strength In Weakness

I will not pretend to be a strong super mom. If I’m honest with myself, I’m very weak, fearful, and have no idea what I’m doing 95% of the times. I think for every meltdown my kids have, I have like 3. With all the messed up things that are happening in this world, my tender heart is easily dragged into the spirit of fear when I think about my two precious children that mean more to me than my own life.

How will I protect them?

How can I raise them in a godly way? But that is why I pray.

That is why I must surrender.

Because I’m weak but God’s not.

And when you surrender your treasures to the Lord, you’re placing them in the hands where the enemy cannot touch or steal from.

So let the weak say that I am strong in Him. #motherhood #momlife

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